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Our Wedding

We are having an intimate, simple, unique wedding with our closest circle of loved ones. Our local mountains are the perfect spot; nearby, beautiful, and in the middle of places close to both our hearts like Cleveland National Forest, Lake Cuyamaca, Borrego Springs, Ocotillo, and more. We are excited to have each and every one of you with us as we celebrate our love for each other and our future to come.


The Schedule

Friday, March 20, Arrival and Socializing



Everyone will arrive in Julian mid-afternoon and settle in to their homes for the weekend. Please carpool as much as possible to keep parking and transportation issues to a minimum. If you don't know where you're staying, send us a message!

Nickel Brewing

Eats and Drinks

Some of us will take a trip into town for a beer or two at Nickel Brewery in the late afternoon. Then at 6pm, we'll head to Wynola Pizza and Bistro for super casual dinner and live music (kid friendly). These are optional outings, but everyone is welcome!

Saturday, March 21, Wedding Day

main house

The Main House

We've rented out a big house, which will be our home base throughout the weekend. Most people will be staying here or at the cottage on the same property. We've also secured some overflow houses in the vicinity to make sure everyone is close and comfortable. If we're planning on anything as a group, it starts here! We will be leaving from here for the ceremony at about 2pm.

Horse Heaven

Horse Heaven Group Camp

Technically, they're closed. But we're having the ceremony there anyway. Pro: no other people will be around. Con: bears.

Parking is limited so we will carpool from Julian, leaving around 2 pm. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes, we are walking into the camp. We’ll have some sort of Plan B if it rains. No big deal, we’d marry each other in a gas station if we had to. (Note: Plan B will not be a gas station, unless it's really nice.)

main house

Desert View Overlook

There's a great view next to a cliff of death. Why not have adult refreshments there? We'll hang out after the formal(ish) stuff, take some photos, and relax a bit with a great view. Don't get too close to the edge...

We'll end up here following the ceremony at about 3:30pm, it requires driving, but it's right up the road.


Dinner and Refreshments

We have great friends who happen to be professionals in the food and beverage industry. So we'll be well taken care of for an amazing dinner and perfectly paired beverages. Arrive hungry.

Food is served at the main house as everyong gets back from the the outlook, about 6pm.

Sunday, March 22, Wind Down


Optional Breakfast

Meet at the main house, 10am. Nothing fancy, that was last night. But we'll cook up something edible.


Get out!

Time to go!

The Locations

Oh, so you want to know where to go? Click the addresses/GPS locations to launch Google Maps


Where are you registered?

We have lots of stuff already and don’t need anything. Lots of you have traveled and spent money to be here, so your presence is gift enough. We would love to add to our culinary adventures by receiving a card with your favorite recipe if you have one (either food or cocktails).

What should I wear?

Abby will be in a not-very-conventional-but-lovely dress (and is on the hunt for “bridal Birkenstocks”), Billy is (maybe) wearing a tie. So, you can wear whatever you feel most awesome wearing to a casual wedding. Plan for chilly weather, and bring flat/comfy shoes for Mt. Laguna. Change into heels for dinner if you want. (Ted, looking at YOU.)

Who’s walking Abby down the aisle?

Well there will be no aisle, first of all. The support and love of both sets of our parents are what brought us to this point. While we love many traditions, we will have a group procession to the ceremony and will include all our amazing parents in the ceremony in a different way.

Who's in the bridal party?

The alleged origin of bridal parties are as follows: For a long time the purpose of the bridesmaids was to dress similarly to her in order to confuse any evil spirits that might be lurking about. They would also confuse bandits or rival suitors, or those who wished to harm the bride. The “Best Man” and Groomsmen were close friends of the groom who would assist him in capturing the bride and fighting resistance from her family. So yeah, we’re not doing that.

What is the song for your first dance?

If any of you have seen us dance, it involves a lot of synchronized fist pumping to the song Gay Bar by Electric Six. Having such an audience for this might be a lot of pressure, so we are opting out of all the traditional dance stuff. There will be music at dinner and should the spirit move you to shimmy, have at it.

Our Story

The handsome couple met on Tinder where Abby brazenly flirted with Billy by complimenting the photo of him wearing half a carved pumpkin on his head, and the two quickly fell into a deep virtual conversation wherein, despite mild concern over Abby’s budding taxidermy hobby, Billy felt safe to reveal the deep trauma suffered years ago from the theft of his cactus, Steve. They met on a Friday night at Live Wire, coincidentally a favorite of both of them, a classy place where the bartender will openly mock you and you may end up cuddling a Pit Bull in one of the booths, while the film Zombeaver plays on both televisions.

It wasn’t long before they were ping-ponging witty remarks, swapping stories and cracking each other up, ending up at the ancient Red Fox Room piano bar, and had the best date they had both ever been on, hands down. A few years later, Billy put a ring on it, in that very same piano bar.

The last few years we have sought out the weird and unknown together, made creative and elaborate meals, took part in each other’s passions (dirt bikes! Feminist art shows!), found comfort in our shared world views and values, and seen each other through rough times. We have taken risks, learned from each other and become each other’s family. We can’t wait for the future ahead!